The Arc of Kentucky is the oldest & largest volunteer organization in the state dedicated to attaining and ensuring a better life for Kentuckians with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families. The Arc is a grassroots organization formed in 1955 and is a well known and highly respected charitable organization that provides a pathway for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities to realize their goals and choose where and how they learn, live, work and play. The Arc believes that individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities are contributing members of schools, work places, churches, synagogues, neighborhoods and their communities. The Arc accomplishes its mission through advocacy and education and partnership.

The Arc of Kentucky needs you to have a role in making life better for Kentuckians with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Please join us! and support the efforts of The Arc of Kentucky by becoming a sponsor.

How do I become a Corporate Sponsor?

There are several ways to join:

      • Contribute by Phone: Have your credit card number handy and call: (800) 281-1272.
      • Contribute by Fax: Complete the sponsorship form below and fax it to The Arc of Kentucky at (502) 875-5226.
      • Contribute by Mail: Complete the sponsorship form below and mail to The Arc of Kentucky. Make your check payable to: The Arc of Kentucky, Inc.
      • Contribute via PayPal: Click on the button “Sponsor The Arc of Kentucky” to be taken to our Online Payment Portal

How Much is Corporate Sponsorship?

The Arc of Kentucky accepts contributions of any size and sponsorship begins at $100. We are supported by contributions from individuals, organizations, and grants.

        • $100 – Bronze Level
        • $250 – Silver Level
        • $500 – Gold Level
        • $750 – Platinum Level
        • $1,000 – Platinum Plus Level

Thank you for your interest in helping individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities to have the supports they need to live an ordinary, decent American life. The educational training and seminars offered by The Arc of Kentucky throughout the state are only possible with community support like yours.


Are contributions tax deductible?

As a 501 (c)3 Non-Profit Organization, all contributions to The Arc of Kentucky are tax-deductible. An acknowledgment letter of your contribution will be mailed to you. All Arc of Kentucky sponsors will receive
recognition in The Arc Annual Report to its membership and in our newsletters.

Corporate Sponsorship Brochure: