Health and Fitness for All

What is it? Health & Fitness for All is a health education curriculum for people with disabilities. The Arc implements the HealthMatters twelve-week curriculum to a group of adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD). The courses will focus on learning about healthy eating, nutrition, exercise, and the long-term benefits of a healthy style. The Arc of Kentucky will deliver this program to at least three of the service areas of United Health during the course of the project year.

The Arc of Kentucky will collaborate with local community partners such as the YMCA to offer these classes at various facilities throughout Kentucky.

Delivery of the HealthMatters curriculum shall consist of 12 weeks, with a minimum of 24 sessions per course of 24 hours of instruction time, conducted between May and December 2019.

The Goal: Educate our individuals on choices of different types of exercise, the benefits of exercising, how fun exercise can be, what types of food choices to make, how much they should be eating each day, what types of foods they should be eating, community options for exercising, grocery shopping, gym choices, and many other opportunities.

For any questions please contact the Executive Committee.