Arc of Kentucky – Special Education

When you have a loved one who needs special education services, it can be difficult to determine the proper steps to ensure his/her success in the school system.We are devoted to helping families and individuals throughout the state receive the education and services they need to be successful.

Below are resources that will assist you in the process of ensuring your child has all the tools they need to succeed.

*Special education training’s will be coming soon. Dates, times, and locations will be announced at a later date!*

Special Education Brochure 2020

Public Reporting of IDEA B Data

Dispute Resolution Process

Bullying and Harassment

Special Education – Questions and Answers


Kentucky Parent Resource Centers

Disability Discrimination: Overview of the Laws

Supreme Court Ruling on Recent Special Education Case

Rethinking Special Education

Protecting Student Privacy

Assessments, Evaluations, Tests

Understanding Special Education

What Special Education Testing Evaluations Results Mean

Special Education Regulations

IEP Guidance Document

Guidance for Special Transportation in Kentucky

A Guide to the Kentucky System of Interventions

Dyslexia Toolkit A

Dyslexia Toolkit B