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Banks will begin accepting applications for the Small Business loans TODAY, forms and info from the Dept. of Treasury:

 I updated the #WeAreEsential blog based on the passage of package 3, feel free to share widely, the links to all 3 (call, email and tweet) action alerts are linked at the bottom of the blog:

 Potential Resource for PPE/Medication:

Healthcare Ready is a national emergency response nonprofit that has expertise in working with government agencies including FEMA, state and local public health officials, and the private sector on disaster preparedness and response. During this national public health crisis, they will be working with various industries and government agencies on quickly identifying, triaging, and distributing medication, personal protective equipment, and medical equipment. The best way to make a request is by emailing  When doing so, I recommend being as specific as possible on your needs as that will help them identify ways they may be able to support.

 Medication Assistance Tool.  As many individuals and families may now be finding themselves suddenly unemployed and now facing higher health care costs due to COVID-19, the MAT will hopefully be useful as it is a search engine of the various patient assistance resources available within the pharmaceutical space. While I know this won’t address everyone’s needs, it will hopefully help many individuals and their caregivers recognizing that while some may have more affordable options through Medicaid, when a family member or caregiver suddenly finds themselves unemployed, that could create new challenges for the entire family.

 Thank you, and be well!